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Welcome on the website of Inf-O

Let's introduce:
Who are we?

We are: Ágnes Dajka.  (MEd)      and      Erwin van Reijn. (MSc)
Ágnes Dajka:
She is a Hungarian Special Needs Teacher who started, during her education becoming a Master in Education, to discover the Erasmus projects and its opportunities.
During the normal weekdays she teaches childeren with certain disabilities on the primary school to help them developing and gathering knowledge and personal skills for the future.
She is also the legal owner of this foundation and the lead of our projects regarding Social Inclusion.

Erwin van Reijn:
He is a multidisiplinair Master of Science  who has his roots in several direction of Electronics and Information Technology.
He is de tech behind the screens, keeps the website up-to-date and supports Ágnes in her projects regarding the information technology which cannot be ignored anymore in the whole society where the social inclusion has to be developed in.
He will be the supporting trainer for those who needs in the Information technology, gathering and providing digital data towards the several instances like government, semi-government and companies.

Together we are a strong team to develop .......
Kiss Zsimong Utca 20.
6600 Szentes
Csongrád, Magyarország
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